JW Handcrafted Knives was created with the idea in mind to provide trustworthy and high quality handcrafted knives made in the Wazirabad Pakistan. Although the owner, Jasim Waleed, has been making knives since around 2003, JWK was created in 2012. We proudly serve all of our customers in their various adventures.

Here at JW Knives, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Phone calls, emails, and messages over social media are always answered in a timely manner. We stand by our products with our lifetime guarantee. These knives are meant to be used for generations and we plan to continue making high quality, hand-crafted knives right here in the Pakistan. We strongly welcome wholesale buyers who want to retail our knives, please email us with your quote and we will provide you all you need to resell our knives.


Leveraging our heritage of Centuries About knives making, we thrive on building lifelong relationships with our ever-growing family of reliable suppliers, competent employees and happy customers while contributing to the sustenance of community.


The most preferred manufacturer / supplier of Handed Craft Knives, Axes, & Swords in the global Knife making Industry.


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